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Civil Litigation

If you have been injured by someone’s negligent or reckless actions, you are likely facing countless distractions. From seeking care for your injuries to attending to your mounting bills and lost wages, your life may have been turned upside down. At a time like this, asserting your legal rights may be the last thing on your mind. You need personalized attention from an experienced advocate, but you may not know where to turn.

We Treat You With Respect And Give You Personalized Attention

Attorney Lawrence K. Rynning offers personal client service that makes a noticeable difference. From the time you contact us, you will be dealing with an experienced attorney. We are not a large law firm that processes a high volume of cases designed for settlement. For us, each client receives our full attention and respect. We work hard to maximize your legal rights and potential benefits. We also understand that you may be seeking not only compensation, but a means of holding the negligent party accountable for the wrong that was committed.

At your first meeting, we will ask you detailed questions about your accident. We will also request your pertinent medical information so that we can assess the extent of your injuries. We can even correspond with insurance companies on your behalf, taking the worry and stress of just one more distraction off your hands.

Determining The Right Legal Strategy For Your Needs

Our next steps depend on the type of case, such as personal injury or bodily injury. The process of determining grounds for liability is often very fact intensive and can require consideration of statutes and case law, which is why we recommend contacting an attorney as soon as possible after your accident or the incident of concern has occurred. Our thorough investigation and discovery activities after the potential commencement of litigation will ensure that we are ready to go to trial, if need be. However, we are able to pursue the negotiation of favorable settlements during the pre-litigation phase or pretrial stages after a lawsuit may be filed. We strongly believe that effective advocacy requires knowing multiple ways to resolve a dispute after considering the tactical options most appropriate for the situation at hand. Mr. Rynning has over 35 years of experience with respect to a wide variety of claims involving bodily injury, property damage, insurance coverage and other civil claims. When it comes to recognizing an opportune time to settle or to keep pursuing your claim, you can rely upon our judgment.

Our comprehensive civil litigation and civil claim experience includes the following areas of practice:

• Insurance coverage claims and disputes

• Toxic exposure, including asbestos, lead and chemicals

• Environmental law

• Product liability claims

• Personal injury and bodily injury claims

• Construction liability claims

• Employment and labor disputes

• Real estate disputes – commercial and residential

• Homeowners association disputes

• Contract disputes – Business and individual

• Estates, Trusts and probate disputes

Contact A Skilled And Experienced Attorney

If you have been injured by someone’s actions or inaction, or may be embroiled in a legal dispute or litigation with other persons, take steps today to consider and protect your legal rights. We know how to pursue the compensation you will need after an accidental injury and can promptly assess your prospects for recovery based on the circumstances and the law. Schedule your free initial consultation with Mr. Rynning at our Wheaton office, by calling 630-682-9500 or by contacting us online, to determine whether Mr Rynning can assist you.

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